When, as now


When, as now, dark clouds combine

To pour their pee upon the shrine

Of all the thirsty Danish lands,

Then humbly add to murky sands

Your own urethral horror brine.


And when, as now, the banks collapse

It's time to hoard your gold, perhaps,

A time to cry, a time to stink,

Lugubriously time to think,

And time to shoot the bony craps.


And when, as now, the e-mail fails,

Go gather all the holy grails,

The rabid rural stigmata,

The undies of Veronica,

And set your mighty pirate sails.


And when, as now, the frightful blare

Of hungry reptiles fills the air,

Beware of barracks on the brain,

As well as brainwashed broken cane,

And be a mighty polar bear.


- Eckehard Junge, August 3, 2008



Copyright 2008 Eckehard Junge